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  • Why WebPress?

    WordPress(WP) has changed. In an effort to update my skills, I’m exploring everything WP has to offer right out-of-the-box. WP is easier than you think & WebPress Pro is the set of tools that i use to build with. i hope you’ll join my journey and build a great website along the way.

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    In an era where content is currency, a content management system is a valuable tool for every individual to learn how to use.

    WordPress (WP) is an open-source (free), well established, highly revered CMS (Content Management System). i built a 10+ year career learning and working with WordPress.

    now that i’m working for myself, i’ve realized just how important the skill of building a website is for everyone to have as a basic learned skill. not only to serve as a portfolio but also to manage income, social profile & marketing.

    WordPress is all of the aforementioned …and it is a tool that can be learned by anyone.

    Who am I?

    i am on a quest to learn WordPress anew. WordPress has changed.

    i’ve been freelancing for over a year but i spent the spring months looking for a new employer, only one of which was keen to take on the new WordPress… it took an entire month to get a response from my first job application and i’ve since learned the interview process takes months spanning several stages. whether i continue to pursue another employer or rely on self-employment, i need to become more successful as a freelancer and the first step in that is to update my skills.

    i’ve also questioned what career path to pursue and work-life balance. i supposed middle-aged thinking will bring you down that roller coaster. I’m exhausted with my current situation and am determined to make changes to improve myself. a part of that includes paying more attention to the artist (a.k.a. creator) in me.

    like most artists and developers, i am project driven. i need my website to help manage my projects.

    WordPress is easy.

    i believe there is a general misconception that WordPress is too complicated to learn how to use. in retrospect, the old WordPress required a lot more code knowledge, but there were many plugins & (cough…) page builders that bridged the gap.

    the core Gutenburg editor appears to illicit a negative response. the bad reputation is probably out weighed by 3rd party profiteers moaning & groaning that they’re product is no longer valid since WordPress

    WordPress has changed so much in fact, that it’s time for everyone to relearn what they think they know about web development, design & website management.

    Learning WebPress & WP.

    Quite frankly, I learned WordPress on the job. based on my recent job hunting experience, not many employers are willing to allow WordPress developers to actually build, but instead use a set of required 3rd party tools (plugins/themes/block). unfortunately in an effort to standardize processes, these employers are utilizing an outdated method to build WordPress.

    the new WordPress is built differently and the “coding” approach has changed.

    starting today, i am learning the new WordPress. WordPress right out-of-the-box, i want to fully understand what it’s capabilities are. as a developer, i want to build right off of the wordpress defaults and show you how to work with the new WordPress. i’m certain it’s not as difficult as your perception may be… and is easy to learn for all skill levels.

    Enough talk, let’s build a website.

    whether you are an individual or a business owner looking to build a website, a developer or designer looking to update your skills, this course is intended for anyone wishing to learn WordPress. when you enroll, you will also receive ownership of a domain name & a monthly hosting package.

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