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  • Creating a Sitemap

    excerpt from: Since the release of WordPress 5.5, sitemaps are now automatically generated for your website. The default sitemap for any WordPress site running 5.5 or later is located at [insert your domain name here]/wp-sitemap.xml. You can also access the default sitemap using [insert your domain name here]/sitemap.xml Before you look at your sitemap,…

  • 3. Media Organization, Layout & Design


  • Build a Glossary

    (currently undergoing research & development). why is this an important tool for your website?

  • 2. Content Organization, Layout & Design

    IN PRODUCTION:This essential lesson advocates the importance of building & managing your website’s content. While currently still under development, you are welcomed to check out my progress thus far.

  • Write a Comment

    Creating a compelling first comment for your article is a great way to kick off the discussion and encourage reader participation. Here are some ideas and suggestions for your first comment: Remember to keep your first comment concise, engaging, and friendly. It should set a positive tone for the discussion and make readers feel welcome…

  • Write an Article Post

    Writing a compelling newsletter or article for your website is an excellent way to engage your audience and provide them with valuable content. Here are some ideas for what to include in your first newsletter or article: Remember to maintain a consistent and authentic voice throughout your newsletter or article, and always focus on providing…

  • Write an About Page

    Creating an effective “About” page for your website is crucial because it provides visitors with insight into your brand, mission, and values. Here are some ideas and elements to include when writing or updating your website’s “About” page: Remember to keep your “About” page concise and engaging. Use a friendly and approachable tone to connect…

  • 1. Site Tour, Setup & Your Users

    This essential lesson will walk you through the Wordpress backend. First steps include configuring the initial Settings, basic Global Styles, & connecting with your users. Edit the header, footer & navigation.

  • wordpress IS a page builder!

    …that’s me yelling this statement over the hilltops, lol. i cringe everytime i hear about a 3rd party page builder. seriously, my body physically reacts to the thought of using a page builder outside of the wordpress core. wordpress is a content management system. it manages content including pages (& posts) and can be used…

  • Why WebPress?

    WordPress(WP) has changed. In an effort to update my skills, I’m exploring everything WP has to offer right out-of-the-box. WP is easier than you think & WebPress Pro is the set of tools that i use to build with. i hope you’ll join my journey and build a great website along the way.