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Your new website comes installed with a WordPress content management system. Let me walk you through how to build your website.

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step-by-step WebPress Quick Start

& essentials guide to building websites with WordPress out-of-the-box.

Get your website up and running as easy as:

  • 1. Site Tour, Setup & Your Users

    This essential lesson will walk you through the WordPress backend. First steps include configuring the initial Settings, basic Global Styles, & connecting with your users. Edit the header, footer & navigation.

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  • 2. Content Organization, Layout & Design

    IN PRODUCTION:This essential lesson advocates the importance of building & managing your website’s content. While currently still under development, you are welcomed to check out my progress thus far.

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  • Creating a Sitemap

    excerpt from: Since the release of WordPress 5.5, sitemaps are now automatically generated for your website. The default sitemap for any WordPress site running 5.5 or later is located at [insert your domain name here]/wp-sitemap.xml. You can also access the default sitemap using [insert your domain name here]/sitemap.xml Before you look at your sitemap, […]

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twenty twenty-four coming in november

Stay tuned… The new version is set to be released on November 7, 2023. I’ll keep you posted on how to update your website to the latest wordpress theme drop!

wordpress gravity forms

Stay tuned… I’ll show you how to leverage Gravity Forms & expand on your website’s functionality.

wordpress woocommerce

Stay tuned… I’ll show you when & how to use this e-commerce platform.

lesson topics in research

Site Tour, Setup & Your Users

  • lesson complete

Content & Content Navigation: video currently in production

  • Pages Versus Posts
  • Categories Versus Tags
  • How to Create a Post or Page with the WordPress Block Editor
  • How to Create a Menu with the Navigation Block

Design & Style

  • Difference between Reusable Blocks, Block Pattern, Templates, Template Parts
  • How to Create Reusable Blocks
  • How to Use WordPress Block Patterns
  • How to Create & Register a Block Pattern
  • Templates
  • Template Parts
  • Template Hierarchy
  • Locking Blocks in the Full Site Editor


  • Managing Media
  • Use Duotone Filters to Change Colour Effects
  • How to Use & Contribute to the WordPress Photo Directory & Open Verse


  • theme.json
  • Web Fonts
  • Flexbox in CSS & WordPress


  • Managing Updates
  • Keeping WordPress Sites Secure
  • Improving Site Performance